Started in 2005, TSH Labs is a small open source development team. With a variety of languages at their disposal, ranging from C to Python and Shell, they are always looking for new projects. They are responsible for such current projects as The Avalon Music Server.

Avalon Music Server

version: 0.3.0
released: 2014-08-18
platform: linux/bsd

The Avalon Music Server is a server that scans metadata from a music collection and provides a JSON interface to it over HTTP.

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OK Alarm

version: 0.1.0
released: 2011-09-17
platform: all

An alarm for when nothing is broken. There are plenty of alerts and alarms for when things are broken, but nothing for when everything is OK.


TSH Hash

version: 0.2.0
released: 2011-11-02
platform: linux/bsd

TSH Hash is a naive open addressing hash table implementation. It resizes automatically based on current size and load factor. It optionally frees keys and values with user supplied functions.